Finding a new home to live in can be a daunting process. There’s the uncertainty and pressure once you’ve started the process of selling your own home to find a new one for yourselves to live in. There’s no need to fear though, as preparations on what you’d like in your next home can be done before you even begin buying and selling a home.

Know your budget

It would also be good for you to talk to a mortgage advisor, as they will be able to work out the likely amount a mortgage provider will lend you based on deposit you tend to put down as well as your income and expenditure.

Getting a valuation of your property will give you a better understanding of what you will be able to spend on your next home.

However, if you’re a first-time buyer, then you won’t be able to get a valuation on your property, so the mortgage advisor will be the only person you need to contact to work out your budget.

Your ‘must haves’

There are always some criteria to a home that we are willing to negotiate on, but then there are also those that. We suggest that you make a list of everything you are looking for in a property, then work out which ones are the ‘must haves’ and which one are a bit more flexible. This will help you and an estate agent in your search for a suitable property.

For example, do you feel as though you need a downstairs toilet, or is that something you could live without? Is a bath a necessity, or would just a shower do? These all need to be taken into consideration.

Location, Location, Location

Another important aspect to consider is the location of the property you wish to live in. Consider if you want to live in the busy centre of a town or city or if you would prefer to live in a more rural location.

Also be mindful of what you’d like to live close to. Would it be beneficial for you to live near major transport links, or is it just about living near some shops within walking distance?

If you have a child or are thinking about having one in the near future, then you will want to consider the catchment area for the different schools.

Much like the ‘must haves’, write up a list of what you consider to be the highest priorities. Location plays such an important role that it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Are you looking for a home you can do up?

Some people, the majority in fact, will want a property that they can move straight into and won’t need to do much work to. Some people will relish the challenge of redecorating the whole house, fitting new carpets, replacing the kitchen and bathroom, to make their new home their own.

If you are one of those people, make sure you have enough money left over in your budget after the purchase price and other fees associated with buying a property, to make sure you can complete the overhaul.

Once you know everything above, start looking for some properties and arrange some viewings. Try not to rule out too many houses based on the photos, sometimes the camera doesn’t do them justice!

If you’re already in a position to starting the search for a new property, why not check out our property sales or even contact us?