Hi, I’m Steve the founder and owner of In House. I am a graduate of The Goldman Sachs Small Business Programme and a true local of this area.

In 2007, after working as a regional Director for the two largest estate agency chains in the UK, research and surveys told me that house sellers in this country wanted something better from an agent; Straight talking honest advice, coupled with clear, jargon-free, non-cliche marketing to find the best buyer at the highest price and in a timescale to suit them, the seller…so In House was born.

Since then, we’ve helped thousands of clients move on with their lives in every way, with our now famous TOO LATE boards springing up all over South Oxfordshire and beyond. It didn’t take us long to establish ourselves as Wallingford’s top selling agent which gave us the confidence and resources to expand to many other areas. In 2021 we acquired our new Property Centre (formerly Petits of Wallingford) and centralised operations including Lettings, Marketing, Sales progression, Land & new homes and all 14 staff under one roof. You could say we have gathered it all “In House”.

So how have we won so many positive reviews and national awards, including this years ‘Gold’ from the British Property Awards? Well, buyers love the way we make our properties look and sound, sellers love our honest, straight talking advice and pricing, and our staff who are all local and full-time, are passionate about property, people and the details of both.

Feel free to call any of our team for a property chat.

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We're here from valuation to the hand over keys. Whether you need a cleaner, solicitor, or just a chat, we will be what you need, when you need it. That's our promise to you.

Meet the team

Steve Steve

Steve Puddifoot

Steve is the Founder and Owner of In House. The one “talent” he openly boasts about is recruitment. He has managed to keep and retain this incredible bunch of stars, all of which are property experts. But more importantly, they share a love of people and helping with their moving experience.

He still loves getting involved with all aspects of the job, but in his spare time, he has a one way love affair with golf, he eats out probably a little too much, which he balances with plenty of exercise, especially yoga. He’s a self-proclaimed master of monopoly, describing himself as “unbeatable”.

Philip Hamp Philip Hamp

Philip Hamp
Sales Director.

Philip is the company Sales Director and longest-serving member of staff. When you ask him why he has stayed so long, his answer normally revolves around the “family” culture created in a privately owned and independent company, this could tie in with his claim that he’s an only child four times over… work that one out!

He keeps himself busy, being a proud father, husband and homeowner, but this doesn’t stop him from sneaking out for a round of golf. Using his widely known catchphrase “I’m quite good” both in the office and on the golf course.

Cat Cat

Cat Cray
Systems Director

Cat is the company Systems Director. Every successful business needs rules, compliance and good systems in place so it’s down to her to manage them and keep everything running smoothly. The team seem happy to follow the procedures she puts in place, but she often wonders if that’s because one of her many tasks is to ensure that everyone gets paid on time. Cat loves Ice skating and gym classes in her spare time but is also the proud owner of 4 animals and a human. With a combined age expectancy of 355 years, any guesses what the animals she owns?

Cat Cat

Jon Pepper
Lettings Manager

Jon is the Lettings Manager here at In House. He has enjoyed working in property management for most of his career. Jon believes that property is more than just bricks and mortar, being both an investment and a home, so he takes the same care and diligence in finding the best Tenant as he would if it were his own home.

Jon is the In House Tropical Fish Manager and can often be found cleaning their tank on a Saturday morning. In his spare time, he is the Manager of a local kid’s football team, which his two boys are proud of. Something tells us he likes a ‘Manager’ title.

Guy Glove Cat

Guy Glover
Land and New Homes.

Guy is an allrounder here, but more specifically he heads up the Land and New Homes Department. After serving 12 years on the RAF Queens flight, he embarked on the more grounded career of Property. That was 27 years ago, and in that time, he has enjoyed every position from Negotiator to Company Director.

Throughout his career in the RAF, he has collected some great stories, our favourite being the time he hit the front page of the daily newspapers as Princess Diane tripped up the stairs where Guy was there to save the day, catching her fall.

Cat Cat

Diane Kruczko
Senior Valuer

Diane is a Senior Valuer at In House and has spent many years gaining property experience ranging from interior design and bespoke fireplaces to selling houses. She is incredibly passionate about properties of all sizes and styles, striving to learn every buyer and seller’s needs, coinciding with the In House ethos “We move people not properties”.

She is a mum to three grown up children and loves to spend her spare time exploring the countryside that we are so lucky to be surrounded by in South Oxfordshire. If you recognise her surname and have a wooden carved mantlepiece, there is a chance it was carved by her father’s company.

Cat Cat

Luke Crawshaw
Senior Valuer

Luke is a Senior Valuer here. He loves the buzz of working at our In House Property Centre, and never fails to be the loudest in the office. Luke has gained his skills and (over) confidence through the In House training programme, enabling him to identify the right buyer for the right house. Lockdown was a life-changing and memorable time for Luke due to the arrival of his first son, you wouldn’t think it would leave him with much time for hobbies but he still manages to captain his local cricket team. But you won’t catch him out on anything to do with property though, as he holds the In House record for selling a home within half an hour of collecting the keys from the homeowner.

Cat Cat

Jack Ballard
Sales Agent

Jack enjoys a varied and versatile role with the company. Even though he still looks twenty three, he has been in the business for over a decade, originally with larger corporate agents. Since joining In House he has enjoyed getting to know each property and its owners, then tailoring services accordingly. In House succeeded in winning the Gold Award from the British Property Awards, where Jacks customer service skills shone through, taking vital phone calls throughout the extensive judging period.

Jack also claims he has the most bizarre viewing story within the company, we are in no position to argue this.

Cat Cat

Vanessa Field-Wright
Sales Progressor

Vanessa is our progressor, when you agree on a sale or purchase at In House, she will be the one progressing the process all the way through until move in. The staff here didn’t take very long to give her the inevitable name of “Vanessa the progressor”. She has enjoyed a long and rewarding career in property, selling new and second-hand homes both internationally and in the UK. All sorts of issues can arise during the progression period and having such a wealth of industry experience helps her get each case over the line.

Cat Cat

Matt Rose
Marketing Coordinator

Matt is our Marketing Coordinator. After living and graduating with a degree in Marketing from Coventry University, he decided to venture back to the Oxfordshire countryside. He is now responsible for a variety of our marketing aspects, from local magazines to all things social media and would like to apologise in advance for any puns seen in the making of his content (but warns that there are plenty more to come). His unassigned office job is sorting and resolving any staff mobile phone and social media issues, which happens more often than you could imagine.


Katie Kidner
Lettings Administrator

Katie helps with many aspects of the business at In House, but mainly in the Lettings Department. Katie is the lettings inspections expert, she has a great eye for detail that doesn’t miss much. She loves that some of our landlords and tenants have been with us for over a decade and enjoys getting to know them properly. She is known as a fitness fanatic, we often think this is to give her free reign regarding her diet, being the ringleader of the In House back of house biscuit gang.

Katie has two pet house sheep that have become locally famous, mainly for their dawn raids on the allotments.

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